Website Design with the Website Marketing Engine

The 'simple' website design is no longer enough, in fact, I just want a website isn't any good either. There's just too much competition to settle for the bare minimum. The bare minimum doesn't get you business. What you really need is an online marketing tool! 

What really works is a platform that you can use to tell customers about your products and services and also engage with them. The website marketing engine does just that.

Your website is not only where they go to see what you do, but is also a platform that you can use to talk to them. Once engaged a series of automated mailers are delivered, with your customers consent, to their mailbox. This happens while you're getting on with other more important tasks, or taking a nap.

Easily manage all the content of your website. From text, images and video through to product updates. Use the data in the SEO and website reports to identify what information your customers would like more of.

Manage communication with your customers. Talk to your customers using automated and planned email messages. Take new customers on an automated marketing tour of your company. Update your social media with information from your website.

Integrate with Google for standard and more advanced SEO reports. See what's customers do on your website and how you stack up against the competition. Use that information to improve / update your website.

Take charge of marketing your business

  • Create and update website content
  • Communicate with your customers
  • Display website content on your Social Networks
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Unique website design with effective user interface

The engine allows you to:

Manage Content

  • Add, amend or delete pages
  • Add or change your website navigation
  • Add, amend or delete content
  • Integrate an online shop
  • Add text, images and video
  • Format content to create more interest
  • Create custom layouts and reuse these on different pages

Manage subscribers

  • Import subscribers
  • Update subscribers

Create segmented mailing lists

Drip feed content automatically

  • Send customers relevant information in a preset number of emails
  • No manual intervention. Once added the mails are sent automatically

Target specific segments of your target market

  • Segment your mailing list based on customers interests

Integrate with Google analytics

  • Track responses
  • Use the data to prepare and present content better
  • Work out what really excites your customers

Check email addresses before sending

  • Verify email addresses before sending and reduce bounced emails

Embed images - no right click to download image

  • Image appear immediately - no clicking required

View the mailer online

  • View the current and previous mailers online

More than just a website design

Why your business needs the Marketing Engine

  • Manage your business from a central point.
  • Log in and assess your marketing in real time.
  • Adjust content to meet your customers needs.
  • Automate communication.

Google Analytics will give you insight into:

  • Where your customers are coming from
  • The web pages they enter they site on
  • The time spent browsing
  • The content they read
  • Where they are located
  • Whether they use mobile or desktop platforms
  • Link your mailers to your analytics
  • & much, much more...

Additional Services

  • See where your website ranks in major search engines
    • Google Maps
    • Google Images
    • In different countries
  • See where your competitors rank for the same keywords